Joliette Halte Culturelle : Using data to amplify cultural footprint


Joliette, the regional capital of Lanaudière, was finally able to shine as the stage for Quebec culture thanks to the collaboration of four major cultural institutions and Gradiant, which took part in this project as a data partner.

This project consisted in amplifying the cultural footprint of this city and its will to become a cultural tourist destination in its own right.

Gradiant brings its expertise in data analysis and business intelligence to help cultural organizations make Joliette an attractive cultural tourism destination and thus, support the creation of effective strategies to attract and retain cultural visitors.

This project was conducted jointly with :


The purpose of this study was :

  • To study the profile of cultural audiences, and particularly tourist audiences.
  • To develop dashboards to support decision making in terms of development strategies and the development of tourist public loyalty.


To achieve these objectives, we followed a methodology in 7 key steps :

    • Understanding and identifying business needs.
      • PS : We used User Stories to keep us on track for future analysis, an easy-to-use tool to ensure we remain user-oriented.

  • Overview and diagnosis of available data from the four institutions.
    • PS: This represented 54 files from ticketing systems and in-house databases!
  • Data sharing.
  • Draft of a solution: definition of measurements and dimensions to be analyzed.
  • Elaboration of a proof of concept.
  • Iterative validation cycles.
  • Implementation of final dashboards for ongoing use and knowledge transfer.


Joliette Halte Culturelle project, allows the city’s cultural footprint to be amplified and reinforces its desire to become a cultural tourist destination in its own. The sharing of data allows these institutions to have a 360-degree view of the cultural, and in particular tourist, audiences, but also to make more informed decisions regarding strategies for developing and retaining tourist audiences.

In the long term, such a project can have a significant impact on the attractiveness of the city and the attendance of its cultural institutions, by creating stronger links with visitors and offering them richer and more personalized cultural experiences, in addition to allowing the city to better measure the impact of cultural institutions on its influence and economic development.

Results in the next episode…

We look forward to sharing the concrete results of this project with you, but for now, we still need some time to measure them with precision. Come back soon to discover the impact of our collaboration on the Halte culturelle Joliette!

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