Development of a digital strategic plan – data part


Québec Cinéma (QC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure the influence of Quebec cinema and its artists through promotion and education.

Aware of the importance of digital channels to access cultural offerings today, Québec Cinéma wishes to communicate a strong digital identity and exploit these tools to better serve its mission. To do so, within the scope of the Digital Strategy Fund, QC wishes to establish a digital strategic plan proposing concrete actions resulting from a detailed diagnosis of its resources, digital assets and their use as well as a prioritization of its needs and business objectives.


Our intervention aims to assure the data part of this digital strategic plan, and more specifically to proceed to : 
  • A data maturity evaluation
  • A business needs evaluation 
  • Development of recommandations in terms of data strategy regarding the global digital strategic plan


The level of data maturity was evaluated according to the data assets available, the use made of them and the “data culture” – i.e. the reflexes of using information in decision-making, through :
  • A qualitative analysis : a series of interviews with the various departments and hierarchical levels of the organization and field observation.
  • A diagnosis of the information system (inventory of data, their sources, and their potential for interoperability)
The identification of business needs was done through interviews and through a collaborative workshop that allowed the emergence of business needs and objectives. A conciliation work, in collaboration with Badel Media, specialized in digital strategies for media organizations, was done in order to draw up the final report proposing recommendations for a digital strategic plan.


7 recommandations were made in three main strategic areas of intervention, including one on the development of a segmentation of Quebec moviegoers and an internal database. They concern the improvement of activities and services, interaction channels, the link with target audiences, processes including development, technology and data, and the organizational structure.