Year 2022 lived by Gradiant, and by you!

bilan 2023

At the beginning of 2023, it’s time for Gradiant to take a look back. What happened in 2022?

Gradiant’s year 2022 has been enriching as much for the projects we had the chance to work on as for the collaborations and exchanges that took place during the year. A year full of challenges is all that Gradiant could hope for in 2022, and with this report we are very happy. So, here is a summary of this 2022 chapter!

This year’s highlights.

First, we’d like to start by highlighting the moments that stood out for us in this year 2022, and will continue to inspire us for 2023.

The combination of the Design thinking concept and the valorisation of data.

  • First, with the discovery and experimentation of a generous mix between data valuation and the concept of design thinking. Guided by Anne Laure Mathieu, innovation consultant, we developed an approach at the intersection of design thinking and data science. Specifically, we tested the potential of integrating Design Thinking practices (human-centered design) into the creation of metrics (analytics pan) to evaluate impact. This approach, which is evolving as we are currently testing it to perfect it, ensures that we develop analytical and AI tools that respond to real needs and avoid technological solutionism. We applied this approach with the team of the Théâtre des Bouches décousues for the benefit of their innovative project for the development of culture in the school environment SORTIR=GRANDIR. The final impact of this new approach was so convincing, from our point of view as well as from the actors of this project, that we would like to explore further the combination of data valorisation and design thinking. Indeed, our unique approach also revealed that there were many inspirations to draw from in data valorisation to enrich design thinking practices.

A growing team!

  • Gradiant has also been growing in terms of its team! In 2022, we were able to welcome two new team members to continue our mission to serve the fields of culture, media, and the common good through data science.
2022, means 7 strong projects !

We are also proud to have contributed to 7 projects this year. Each one as enriching as the other, and with such different challenges, that we are grateful to have seen born, evolve and emerge. Thank you to these 7 organizations for trusting us.

  • Dia-log project, offering a support to arts actors to promote their discoverability on the web, where our support was necessary to measure the impact of discoverability strategies.
  • Joliette Halte Culturelle project, conducted jointly with Musée des Arts de JolietteCentre Culturel Desjardins, Festival Mémoires et Racines and Festival International de Lanaudière. The purpose of this association is to highlight the cultural side of the city of Joliette and make it a cultural destination on its own, for which we are proud to be the data partner.
  • Our work with SAGA, which helps audiovisual and communication-marketing organizations to employ the power of sound as a strategic tool to elevate their user experience, in order to develop an artificial intelligence strategy to optimize their innovative personalized charter process.
  • Our partnership with the Opéra de Montréal, which since its creation has given more than 1000 performances and is at the heart of a variety of social projects, whom we are developing a new dashboard to support their marketing team.
  • The Vivier Group, a major promoter of new music for the Quebec cultural scene, whom we worked to develop the discoverability of their content.
  • Air Canada where our ongoing collaboration allows this company, which already has analytical teams, to centralize and consolidate the efforts of each department into a common database, with the ultimate goal of providing a better customer experience to their travelers.
  • Our worksessions with Théâtre Bouches Décousues, and more particularly in the context of their project SORTIR=GRANDIR, to explore the desirability and sustainability needs of spectators with the support of the human-centered design concept represented by Anne Laure Mathieu.

This year 2022 has been very fruitful for Gradiant. These new projects, these new relationships and all these shared moments have built the Gradiant of 2023. A team a little bigger in size, but huge in ideas, partnerships filled with sincerity and a community growing every day. This sums up Gradiant’s pride for 2022, and we can’t wait to see what this new year brings.

A year of meetings and sharing!

If we had to summarize the positive aspects of this year, it would be mainly exchanges. The transfer of knowledge and the human aspect being at the heart of our approach, the year 2022 and its multiple collaborations have allowed the Gradiant team to evolve while being enriched by these meetings.

  • Our collaboration with Anne Laure Mathieu has highlighted the need to humanize data, to make them more concrete in order to always push further the impact of the projects we invest in. The shared values and, above all, the deep affection we share for the exchange of knowledge have led to a very positive collaboration. We are confident that this collaboration will continue in 2023 and will bring us great opportunities.
  • Our participation in the Momentum program led by le Mouvement des accélérateurs d’innovation du Québec orchestrated by La Piscine, allowed us to meet and work with Laetitia Bedout, who became our ally in building a growth plan in our image.

  • Gradiant et MT Lab relationship has been around for a while now. After participating in the incubation program entirely remotely in 2020-2021, finally meeting face-to-face was so pleasant and refreshing that we made it our home. It is the meetings, the moments of sharing and exchanges created during Gradiant’s visits that have pushed us to have a pied-à-terre, a warm space where we can continue to meet you.

  • March 2022 marked the end of the Action Inclusion social innovation project, led by IVADO, where Gradiant had the opportunity to participate as an artificial intelligence professional in a team composed of students, professors and artificial intelligence practitioners. This project consisted of using artificial intelligence technologies to help solve inclusion challenges at the Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal. To learn more about this project, we invite you to follow this link.

The final word of 2022 by Gradiant team!

We couldn’t close this year without giving the floor to the Gradiant team and their thoughts on 2022 !

Authenticity won on this exercise, which is not as simple as it seems.

Co-founder Gradiant AI & Data scientist

Movement: what has guided me for a while and what has given rhythm to 2022, and the two years that preceded it in fact.

Movement in the literal sense: new offices, new faces, coming from everywhere (Lebanon, France, Switzerland), and going everywhere – we bet on being a nomadic team and we see the fruit of this decision: free human beings, fulfilled in their life and in their work.

And movement in the figurative sense: various social, geopolitical and climatic movements that have emerged or become more pronounced and that have helped to confirm our desire to work for the common good.

We could talk about the major projects of 2022 – but I will focus here on the small lines, the small pearls: “finding the extraordinary in the depth of the ordinary” would say Karfrield Graf Dürkheim.. Because it is also and especially in these unexpected moments that we discover ourselves, or find ourselves. So, I share here some ordinary moments that have illuminated the darkness of entrepreneurial doubts in an extraordinary way:

  • The sincere discussion with Laetitia Bedout, our super coach, who told us “it’s okay” – that we have the right to do with Gradiant what we want and allowed us to create a vision and a plan for it ;
  • Diagramme’s strategic meetings during which I was able to see Bernard Lagacé, CEO, always full of stars in his eyes when he talks about science, and who shared with me how the workshops we held together contributed to opening a world of possibilities for him ;
  • The intervention of Rodney Saint-Eloi, writer and founder of Mémoire d’encrier, during the workshop on the future of the book in the digital world held by La Piscine, which reminded us of our need to exchange with poets, dreamers, people in contemplation, who think about inclusion before anything else and who do it even and especially in places where it is disturbing.

So many reminders of why we do what we do. Thank you to them, and thank you to all those who make these moments possible.

All of this has been part of the movement. Our movement: to value data in order to use it as a vector for the common good. And this, in humility, empathy and action.”

Co-founder Gradiant AI & Data scientist

“2022 has been a very full year at Gradiant. With the recovery of the cultural and tourism sector, we had to adapt quickly and seek help. Behind the glitter of growth and start-ups, there is a risk of getting burned and losing the desire. Thanks to the arrival of Andréa and Ali in the team, but also to the wise support of MT Lab and La Piscine, we were able to build a good foundation for a growth that is not only sustainable, but also desirable for Gradiant.

Thanks to all those who follow or participate in the adventure!

Data scientist

“2022, a year rich in learning and productivity”

Head of communications & partnerships

“For me, joining the Gradiant team and its ambitious project in 2022, has been synonymous with opening a treasure box of infinite possibilities filled with challenges to solve and excitement in discovering and learning something new every day”

For 2023, we want to pursue this positive momentum!