Your data have an impact.

We are data scientists who care about the issues of tomorrow,and who believe in the vital role of culture and media in our resilience as a society.

Gaëlle Ramboanasolo

Gaëlle Ramboanasolo, who holds a M.Sc. in Business Intelligence, has always sought to support creativity and share her passion for the arts and culture.

First as a data analyst at Société de la Place des Arts, then at Bandsintown and Synapse C, she has developed expertise in data literacy, data strategy and the development of data science-based tools in various sectors of the arts and culture (music and technology, books, performing arts, etc.).

In addition, fostering diversity in STEM is essential to her. She therefore strives to expand opportunities to share her knowledge of data science in various settings – as a teacher at La Cité College in Ottawa and through her involvement in initiatives promoting the place of women in technology (MMFC, Women in AI).

Jonas Isenegger

Jonas Isenegger holds a M.Sc. in Business Intelligence and a B.A. in Administration, specializing in entrepreneurship and finance.

With five years as a behavioral analytics consultant, then as a department manager in the customer retention and tourism sector, he has developed skills in developing predictive models, longitudinal and survival analysis, applied research to personalize the traveler journey, project management, outreach and dissemination to various levels of management.

He decided to co-found Gradiant in order to apply his knowledge in data science to sectors vulnerable to the digital divide, and whose missions are aimed at social, cultural and environmental well-being.


leydet de mendonsa

Andréa Leydet De Mendonsa holds two master’s degrees in marketing and communication & in entrepreneurship.

During her university studies, she created an innovative startup in the field of new technologies, thus testifying to her attraction for turning innovative ideas into reality. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has explored many different fields and it is during these experiences that she developed her knowledge in communication and new technologies.

Strongly motivated by the idea of making a positive difference in the world, Andréa joined Gradiant as head of communications and partnerships with the purpose of participating in impact-oriented projects by putting humans at their heart. She is deeply convinced that new technologies and innovation, when approached in a thoughtful way, can bring real added value and make a significant difference to many causes in the world of tomorrow.

Our Mantra

Here are the main principles that guide the purpose of the organization and the projects we carry out.

Data science as a tool, not an end.

We do not believe in technological solutionism. “Not everything that is possible is necessary”. We develop solutions that make sense and for which the introduction of tools based on data science is useful and proven.

The project is part of a social impact logic.

Whether it is to democratize the understanding of the opportunities and threats of artificial intelligence, or to develop tools that will allow society to develop greater resilience, our projects are part of a logic of impact.

The project piques curiosity.

The project allows us to explore new avenues for using artificial intelligence. It calls for applying a variety of tools and models in novel ways, and stimulates minds and conversations.